Floral Watercolor Wreath for Beginners – Online Course


Floral Watercolor Wreath for Beginners – Online Course

Floral Watercolor Wreath for Beginners – Online Course is perfect for Beginners!

CALLING ALL BUDDING ARTISTS AND DABBLERS!  Have you been watching dreamy Instagram and Youtube videos of beautiful watercolor wreaths unfolding effortlessly before your eyes and wished you could make that magic happen?  Have you dabbled around with watercolor and can’t quite get the look you’re after? Maybe you have never touched a brush in your life, but you’re looking for a creative outlet to help you unwind.

If you are looking for a fun, engaging, and easy to follow class to help you accomplish your watercolor wreath painting dreams, than THIS class is for you!

                   Let your creativity bloom in this 120 minute Floral Watercolor Wreath Class!


  • Skills to help you start from a blank sheet of paper and end up with a painting that you will be proud of
  • Keys to using watercolor and making it work for you
  • Tips and Tricks to creating engaging compositions
  • Courage to keep practicing and improving your skills

We will cover how to paint petals, various leaves and combine these new skills of expressive brushstrokes to create an appealing floral wreath composition.

Why not take some time back for yourself and practice a little SELF LOVE?

Relax after a long day and grab a beverage of your choice, put your comfy pants on, and paint along with me!


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