Hi, I’m Hanna Barnhart the artist behind Owen & Mae.

I started my business in 2015 after completing my MBA in Entrepreneurship. I’ve been an artist most of my life and minored in Fine Art at the University of Louisville. 

The name Owen & Mae comes from my parents middle names. I grew up on a farm in the mid-west and my Dad taught me about nature and gave me my love of the outdoors. My Mom is an artist and taught me about art which sparked a passion I have since carried.

Owen & Mae was born out of a desire to spread my love of the natural world and empower others to create. Over the past few years, I have been teaching art classes to people of all ages both in person and remotely. I also sell my art in boutiques and at Art Shows across the mid-west and online via my website to most locations.  

I believe we all have a deep desire to make beautiful things.Wherever you are in life, may my art inspire and delight you, and bring some brightness to your day.